Visusal Arts Ministry

This ministry exists to minister the gospel though various forms of visual interpretation including sign language, dance, and mime all led by the Holy Spirit.

Security Team

This ministry exists for the purpose of preventionduring times of worship. They carry out this mission by implementing a security team that will prevent/deter or at the very least minimize crime and/or disruptions at New Life Church. They seek to ensure that the environment at New Life church, at all times, will be safe and secure.


Under the leadership of the Minister of Music, choir members seek to glorify God at the highest level of excellence possible through singing. Choirs include: Mass, Childrens, Men, Women, and Young Adults at the current time.

"Connect"/New Members Assimilation

This ministry desires to assist brothers and sisters in making a smooth transition into this fellowship and a life-long relationship with God. The processs of assimilation beings with our orientation and gives general information about us including "Who We Are," and "What We Believe." This ministry makes every attemt to ensure that new members are equipped with all of the necessities that will enable them to grow spiritually at the New Life Church.

Senior Adults 

This ministry is organized so that members 60 and older can meet together, study God's Word and fellowship, including sharing of meals during noon day study, exercise classes, line dancing, or field trips to name a few activities. The Ministry takes on several benevolence activities to assist in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This ministry desires to go beyond the walls of our local church and extend the message of grace and love of Jesus Christ. This is done through reaching those who are un-churched, homeless, incarcerated, marginalized in society, and more. They seek to serve in local, national, and international communities. 


The Men's Ministry of New Life church seeks to develop biblically-grounded men of faith who lead their families in worship, are discipled through the study of God's word, who share the gospel of Jesus Christ with other men in their communities, and have a reverence for God and the standard set by Him.

NLC Women

The women's ministry exists to develop a caring community of women devoted to Christ, through real, significant and deepening relationships with one another. Christ-Centered spiritual encouragement and growth, and spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to those in our community and around the world. 

First Touch/Greeters

This ministry seeks to glorify God by extending a warm welcome to every person entering His house and with the love of God through the Holy Spirit laboring as servants of hospitality with all ministries to enhance the worship experience and MAGNIFY God's name in the process.


As doorkeepers, the usher's ministry is committed to ushering by working closely with NLC leaders to serve God's people in a friendly manner and to encourage an atmosphere of worship with decency, and in order, to the glor of God.


This ministry exists to bring Glory to God by making sure that His word and our praise and worship to Him is heard and viewed with clarity and without interference from our local church as it goes throughout the world and is broadcased and distributed on mediums with the highest video, audio, and producation quality available.

Children and Youth

Children and Youth ministries endeavors to provide Godly instruction and engagement to the children and youth of NLC that they may build their lives upon Jesus Christ. They seek to do this through uplifiting the name of Jesus Christ through action, attitudes, and activities, establishing, maintaining and expecting excellence in service to God, and by developing a continually increasing level of spiritual maturity and resolve to a deeper commitment to the cause of Christ and His church.

Young and Adult

This ministry exists to affirm the unique gifts, talents, and ministries of young adults by providing opportuities through programs and resources for young and adults to explore ways to inegrate their faith in their lives and through their life transitions, developing young and adult leadership and ministry through resources and training programs to empower them and stregthen their commitment to the church, supporting involvement of them from all racial/ethnic groups and acknowledging that difference are assets to ministry and fully embracing young and adults in NLC and in our communities, addressing their needs and issues through evangelism and a spirit of Christian fellowship that renews and supports the growth of the body of Christ.


This ministry is made up of warriors who commit themselves to prayer on behalf of our pastor, his family, our church family, our local community, and thed entire world. 

Christian Education

This ministry is comprehensive and inclusive of disciples of all ages. The ministry seeks to work to strengthen the NLC church family and the surrounding community by encouraging others to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through bible study, discipleship training, small study groups and prayer in an effort to disciple men, women and children.

Pastor's Support

This is a ministry whose concerns are the immediate needs of the pastor--aiding him in delivering God's message, God's words, and God's instruction to the congregation and all others who will hear the words of God, with as less personal distractions as possible. They seek to keep the pastor and his family in constant/continual prayer and take the lead in creating a community around the pastor and ensuring that he and his family are taken care of. The committee also sponsors events to celebrate special events in the pastor's life. 

Healthcare Awareness

This ministry provides services and information for worshippers to care for their temples (bodies). These state certified individuals' responsibilities include being on-hand during services to provide medical attention as need. They also provide vaccinations and various health-screening services that assist members in taking care of the physical temples given to us to pursue the geat commission.


The mission of the marriage ministry is to strengthen marital relationships through marriage based programs and community accountability from a biblical perspective. NLC desires to see marriages flourish and mature, through God's word, by internalizing and applying biblical truths to be reflections of the relationship between Christ and the Church. 

Employment Assistance

This ministry seeks to assist members of NLC and the community with job searches that lead to economic stability through internal volunteers who have HR experience and are willing to help others with resumé building and reviews, mock interviews, one-on-one mentoring, career counseling, workshops and more. 

Social Justice

The mission of this ministry is to promote justice, peace, diversity, inclusion, and love, through the prophetic study and application of the gospel of Jesus Christ and educate the members of and the community around NLC through strategic teaching and programming that highlights the commandment, as given by Christ, in Matthew 22:39.